Wmdctrl — A Diald Control Applet for Window Maker

Welcome to the source for the only (that I know of) diald control applet for Window Maker

What is Wmdctrl?

Wmdctrl is an applet that sits on the Window Maker dock. It displays information about a running diald session, including the interface name, state, size of the packet queue, and time until the next timeout.

In addition to all this, there is a row of control buttons which allow one to initiate a link, take down the link, force it up or block it in a down state. In addition, there is a "multipurpose" button which can be used to launch any application specified on the command line.

Okay, then what is Diald?

Diald is an excellent network link management tool. When configured correctly, it can be used to dynamically bring a link up or down based on packets moving through a pseudo-link initiated by diald.

Diald can be fully configured to only bring up a link for certain types of packets, and it can also maintain the link for differing amounts of time based on packet type.

Although diald may seem like the "demand" feature of pppd, it is really much more powerful. Pppd cannot be configured to ignore certain types of packets, or to maintain the link for varying amounts of time. Diald must be seen to be believed. Try it out and you'll see.

Where can I find this Diald?

The diald project has a new (as of January 2000) homepage on SourceForge. The diald homepage can be found here.

Other Comments

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the great people at VA Linux Systems for providing the great resource that is SourceForge. It certainly is a boon to the OpenSource development community.

You can find the wmdctrl project homepage on SourceForge. Please feel free to check it out.